Our Life is What Our Thoughts Make It!!! ~Marcus Aurelius~

If No One Thought Outside Of The Box, We Would Be Living In The Dark!

tom ed

My Birthday is in two days.. I can’t wait and for the first time i am really happy about getting another year older because for the past two years the universe has been trying to take me out. I appreciate each day, I appreciate my friends and i appreciate my family. I am in love with my nephew and will miss him so much when I move to LA in a few months but there are still things in my life that I have to chase.
I grew up listening to little minds. I became an adult with those same narrow-minded people still projecting their low opinions of how the world is to be when I had more life experience and diversity. These past ten months the narrow-mindedness is still talking but this time I haven’t listened because I know for a fact that there is more to the world than what they see.
Being practical is for those who want the life of practicality. However, this year, I discovered that I am EXTRAORDINARY! AND extraordinary is the life that I will lead… I am so excited about my future and the things that are about to come to me!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!
I understand that people give advice off their own experiences but don’t be scared that someone is going into a different direction. It doesn’t mean that they’re being irresponsible about their life it means that they are trying to make a change in their life that may not have been presented to you. If no one thought outside of the box we would all be sitting in the dark. Dreams always seem cray until they come true.
Dream little dreamer and own what you believe in then it shall come true.

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