Our Life is What Our Thoughts Make It!!! ~Marcus Aurelius~

The Words Aren’t Worth My Breath!

Today I was told that the goal that I am trying to ascertain is unattainable. That I should accept a situation and be grateful. I stand in silence as i look this person in their eyes, therefore, this person feels that I agree with them and will do as they have stated.

Anyone that knows me, personally, really. Knows that if I don’t say anything while your speaking, it’s because I think that you’re an idiot!I feel my words aren’t even worth the escape of my breath or expressing. I stop thinking pessimistically a long time ago.

If I didn’t try to reach an unattainable goal, I would still be living in the hood believing that there were nowhere else to go. There are only challenges and obstacles and I plan to overcome all of them. If every time you open your mouth, the only thing that come out is that person’s faults, maybe the fault in that person’s life is you!

J A Sapphire


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