Our Life is What Our Thoughts Make It!!! ~Marcus Aurelius~

Seal the Door To Allow A Window To Open!

open door

As a newly published author, I knew that the task to become a brand would be a hard one. However, experience has taught me in the past that overcoming hurdles can only be accomplished when not closing the pathway to the past but blowing up bridges so that you can no longer return. Sometimes, it just needed.

What we think we need in our lives may not always be necessary and what’s necessary we may overlook because we may feel that they’re not needed. To move on in my life, I had to change my life this included my friends, associations and life’s direction. Also, I had to break ties with my affections, emotions and attachments.

Many of the people in my life that I thought we my friends were merely just aquanitances; not persons of quality, good reputation, and stagnant in social stature. All opposite of what I am.

I made a promise to myself not to feel the anquish of past betrayals, dedegrations or put down. Instead, I choose to reliquish positivity from the lessons learned from each activity. And with this attitude I will flourish in the grace of relativity.  For, doors are opening to me that I never knew existed because I took a chance and sealed that door that kept me in an abyss of  deception, negativity and illusion.


J A Sapphire



J A Sapphire


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