Our Life is What Our Thoughts Make It!!! ~Marcus Aurelius~

10 Steps To Becoming A Better Writer.

Recently, I was asked in an interview, what advise do I have to offer to new and aspiring authors.

I immediately respond…

1) No matter if they are a writer or not, keep a journal. It doesn’t have to be written every day but it needs to be consistent; once a week. The purpose is to change the way you think and perceive situations. It’s hard to change what you’re not aware of. A journal can show the transformation in your maturity level, naiveté and the direction that your life is headed. Some of these things are right in front of your eyes.

2) Writing constantly, forces you to become a better writer. It expands your vocabulary to communicate more-effectively and begin a writing style, which is your signature. I am still developing mine.

3) Write what you know.
Don’t write about love; if you have never truly experienced love. Don’t write about politics if you have never voted. And if it is a situation that occurred in your life, don’t write about it until ten years have passed. You can’t be too emotional about horrors in your life. There’s always five or more stories to the truth and what really may be the truth, can have seven different other layers. When you write a book it has to be entertaining not a bitch session. There has to be an introduction, climax and conclusion. Also, there has to be a message in the story. Also, science fiction authors, mostly were at one time scientist. Write what you know first before you expand to other subject. Read “Little Women” if you don’t understand.

4) Read other books.
Just because you think that your writing is good doesn’t mean that everyone else will. Read other books to expand your mind on what is marketable, how things are written and what subjects to write about. many paths have already been taken. You can eliminate mistakes by other people’s paths.

5) Set Goals.
Writing a book is a business. Today you might want write a back ground on a character; do just that. Tomorrow, you may want to write the prologue; do just that. Start by how many words you want to write. You might want to write 1000 words a day; write 1000 words a day.

6) Editing starts at the beginning of writing, not at the end. Share your writing with others in oder for them to degrade it with a red ink pen. Allow them to tell you how they feel. If they are interested in the subject, the characters, the setting. See if they feel an emotional attachment to te story. Get much feedback.

7) Never Quit.
We all have “HATERS”. Haters are the people who never try, plan but never execute, or whose mentality is so low that they cannot see beyond their own views. Disregard negative remarks and find ways to strive. Join groups, work shops, got to book festivals. Writing is an art, take classes and learn to be better writer.

8) Execute your plan.
There are planners and Doers. Plan to Do! Success will then come to you!

9) Learn Sentence structure and grammar.
This is very hard for most of us because we learn between the fourth and eighth grades the basics and after high school we forget about the rest.

10) Find your VOICE! We want to hear you.

Good luck new writers.

Author J A Sapphire


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