Our Life is What Our Thoughts Make It!!! ~Marcus Aurelius~

Thought for Today 7-24-13 LOVE THYSELF


I LOVE MY LIFE and since I can see everyone and I mean EVERYONE for who they are I know I am blessed… I don’t have to lower myself you your level of pettiness, immaturity, deception or manipulation to prove the greatest things about me.


This year I am going to be greater than I have ever been or ever imagined and I don’t have time your delusional thoughts about me. in actuality, I am a very private person, so if I don’t speak to you almost everyday than you know nothing about me.

Some called me a partier. Your delusional, they couldn’t even call me that when I went to parties. You cant take an era of someone life and present it as the present. You can’t take the fact that someone doesn’t respond the exact way you do and describe it as malicious. For people react and respond upon their own experiences and we all come from different path and have issues to fight through.

if you can’t love yourself than don’t expect someone else too. And before you open your mouth about the faults in someone else’s life make sure that your closet is clear of all skeletons.

I wasn’t born in this life to conform to it. I was born to erupt it.


J A Sapphire


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