Our Life is What Our Thoughts Make It!!! ~Marcus Aurelius~

Today’s Thought 7-18 Take Care of You!

take careGood morning,

Todays’ Thought: Take care of you!

Physically, emotionally and mentally, you only have one of you so appreciate your body. Give it pleasure when it needs it, work it to the limit to keep it strong and give it rest to rejuvenate. So many times we take our body for granite but without it, we will be no more.

Take time to meditate and clear your thoughts, don’t let someone rent space up there that doesn’t deserve it. In other words, leave the bullshit alone and keep pushing.

Emotionally, bring positivity in your life. So many times do we take on problems that are not our own and share the depression of someone else’s life… Sometimes we have to know when to move on..

Today, take care of you!

J A Sapphire


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