Our Life is What Our Thoughts Make It!!! ~Marcus Aurelius~


Where’s My Belt?!!!

Where's My Belt?!!!

So today, I am watching my nephew. My mother is upstairs watching television…

My little nephew is a little con man… He ask for an oreo. I said, “You can have two.”.. he ask for candy. I say, “Sure.”..

He comes back again.. I say, “You need to eat those chex mix and water. Don’t ask for anything else.”

He runs upstairs… I yell to my mother, “Don’t let him con you. I just told him he cannot have any more candy.” She yells back. “He just asked me.”

An hour later, I am lying on the couch watching television.. he comes to the middle of the stairs then leans over the banister. He hold a whole sheet of paper is in hand, which he leans over the edge, waving. I think to myself, “Oh he has made me a drawing.” Yes he did… I look at his face…

He’s pissed. Then uses his index finger to repeatedly point at the one picture that sits in the corner… it looks sad… then he points to the other three faces…he says in a demur voice,

“Aunt Nel, Aunt Nel, you see these three pictures?” I stare…

“This is me, mommie and mom-mom…their happy. This sad picture is YOU. You get a sad face. You get a sad face for today because you wouldn’t give me no candy.” I look at him.

Then he puts two fingers to his eyes then throws them to the down sharply. symbolizing (I’m watching you) and then takes the two fingers to do the slitting neck gesture and storms up the stairs..

I’m thinking to myself, “WHERE IS MY BELT” I know this isn’t my child but me and my sister might have to square off.!!!


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