Our Life is What Our Thoughts Make It!!! ~Marcus Aurelius~

Why Are Stories Told.. my competiion entry

We all come to the point in our lives when it becomes important to question our very existence. We search for our life’s purpose and our life’s direction. It is a basic need to understand and speculate the concept of love. Is there truly a “Happily Ever After,” or shall I be concerned.

We crave drama, stimulation, plots and deception. Our lives are build on loyalty, betrayals, upsets and ethics. When problems arise, we sometimes feel alone. Is there someone else in the world that has experienced what I have undergone? We become scared and look for counsel not knowing where to turn. We try our best to solve the puzzle and once again learn.

Our thoughts are filled with curiosity as we gaze beyond the stars. Illusion form in our minds as we dream of an alternate world. We project scenes of the future as much as we analyze the truths of the past. We search for strength and courage as we plummet and feel that we have reached our last.

You ask why stories are told. It seems so simple to me. We possess the need for the truth and to discover revelations. We want a moment in time to place our troubles and we do this with imagination. Stories reveal a complex beginning and comfort us with a simple end. They take us to a period of time that we admire and therefore can be fearless.

Stories can feel real like a memory from the past. In a blink of an eye, I can be dressed in camouflage, turmoiled in fear as bullets pass. Next, my heart can pound with excitement as a baby is being born then feel the relief of exhaustion as she gasps for her first breath of air. And even though I have never felt it, the true meaning of love; a story has the power to take my heart deep, deep within the unknown.

Stories are told, to inspire us, to be something greater than we were. They are told, to give us new experiences that makes us want to learn. They create innovation within our minds to desire to change the world. Ultimately, stories are told to unlock the mysteries within ourselves that were there all along. What would be hidden behind ignorance if a story was never told?

J A Sapphire


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