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Gay Marriage, a conversation between the Conservative and Liberal. Do you agree?

We as woman have a responsibility to support gay marriage.
For, at one time it was illegal for women to read, vote and prosecute a man against rape.
This is not just a moral issue but a constitutional issue. It’s about having rights as a human being and making your own choices.

The conversation:

The Conservative Male Speaker:
I disagree. States define what marriage is, homosexual people have the same rights as all other single people. Two heterosexual people that live together do not get the protection of the state and neither do two homosexual people who live together. They are already being treated equal.
I support single people having the same rights as married people.

The Liberal Female Speaker:
But they don’t have the right to be married and have the same rights as a married people.. so Lilly Tomlin and Jim Neighbors have been with their partners for over 40 yrs.. but if either one dies.. no benefits… they can’t get benefit for divorce… if they are in the hospital, they are not welcomed in because they are not family… if they had the same rights they wouldn’t be fighting for them. homosexual people do not want to live their lives single.. they want to be married and live as a married couple and be recognized… just like interracial couples did back in the day.. when the state defined that their marriage was against the law. Progression dude!!!

Response from Conservative:
They can sign contracts which bestows benefits on their partners. They do not need to get married for that.

yes they do… they want ceremony.. you sound like man!!!!

I am a man, and they can have whatever ceremony they want. Gay people have been saying vows to each other in front of friends and family, long before states decided to recognize gay marriages. They can sign contracts that give them many of the benefits that married heterosexuals have. They just cannot force a third party to bestow benefits upon their mate just like single, cohabitating heterosexuals cannot force a third party to bestow benefits on their significant other.
They are being treated like everyone else.

If that is the case then why are they fighting?

Because they want people to see homosexuality as a normal variant of human sexuality, like some people are left handed, some people are right handed, some people are straight and some people are gay. But that is not the case. Homosexuals cannot reproduce, which is the primary purpose of sex, penis was made for the vagina, and therefore their sexual orientation is broken.

If you support single people having the same rights as married people then support gay couples having the same rights as heterosexual people.

They have the same right to marry a person of the opposite sex as everyone else. They can be religiously married just like everyone else. They do not have the protection of the state of Georgia just like single heterosexuals who choose to live together, or choose to have multiple spouses. Marriage is defined in law and it assigns roles and responsibilities to males and females and these laws do not apply to same sex couples, so whatever they are doing it is not marriage. Marriage in the U.S. is based on English common law, where two people, male and female, bond together and become one person, the husband, and therefore the woman usually takes the husbands last name. When two men get married, who has the responsibilities of the husband? When two women get married who has the responsibilities of the wife? How does the law apportion responsibilities to the married parties? If a child is involved, how is custody decided? Whatever their relationship is, it is not a marriage. I do not want homosexuality seen as a normal variant of human sexuality. I do not want children growing up believing that homosexuality is an acceptable choice. If they cannot help it, then it is not their fault, but just like in the strip club, women who would never be involved in a gay relationship, experiment at the club because its acceptable there. Society should not encourage homosexuality and should not allow gay marriage. But as far as the rights that marriage bestows on couples, everyone should have those rights regardless of marital status, sexual orientation, race, creed, gender or national origin.

they do have the right to marry someone of the opposite sex but they are not heterosexual… this is the argument… they are homosexual couples and they want the law changed. you just made my point….. they have no protection in certain states… OkOkOk.. you are not a supporter of same sex marriage…. that’s not true… homosexual couples always take on one role of dominance and submissive.. This is the point.. YOU don’t want people to see it as normal but I do!!! Homosexuality has always existed.. people kill themselves because they are scared of these feelings… not back to what I originally said… at one time… it was against the law for women to read, vote, and until the 60’s it was legal to be raped… you don’t have the right to judge some else’s relationship… with another’s consulting adult. And in the club they experiment because women have been told all their life… that everything they do is wrong becuz they were brought up in the church without questioning if the believe in the religion that they were taught. these women already had these feelings but got in a position to explore them….

i am glad. .i am aloud to read, vote and not be raped in the streets.. i can marry a white guy and have his kids.. and if i fall in love w/ a bitch i want o be able to do that too…becuz it’s MY LIFE and no oe else has to live it.

Someone may take on the role of dominant and submissive, but the state cannot force a particular role on either party. The Submissive could decide to become the dominant one. The law cannot say you are now and forever submissive. You and they can see it anyway you want, doesn’t make it true. Some people still think Tupac is alive, but he is not. If you cannot fulfill your biological imperative then you are broken. Should they be harmed because of their disability, no, should they have the same rights as all other single people, yes, does the state have an interest in protecting their relationship, no.

My niece is gay. When she came out my love for her didn’t change. If she has a wedding, I will show up, and celebrate it with her. But that has not changed my opinion of gay marriage or homosexuality. I grew up with people who were gay. They were my friends then and are my friends now. My former roommate is/was bisexual, I still love her. Still doesn’t change my opinion of homosexuality. The sin of homosexuality is the sin of lust. Do we all lust, I thinks so, are homosexuals any greater sinners than anyone else, I think not. So until the gay community fights for the rights of single people, I am not supporting their right to marry. If elected officials give the marriage rights, I will not oppose it, but If I am asked through referendum I will oppose it.

I support single people having the same rights as married people.
I disagree. States define what marriage is, homosexual people have the same rights as all other single people. Two heterosexual people that live together do not get the protection of the state and neither do two homosexual people who live together. They are already being treated equal.

You can’t have it both ways.. You are either support the argument or you are against it. Anybody can change their role. And sex is for pleasure and the result between heterosexuals is conception. My thoughts are not broken, I am open-minded.


6 responses

  1. I am not a conservative, I am a liberal, I just don’t support Gay Marriage. I do not believe that homosexuality is just a normal variant of human sexuality. I do not believe that society has any interest at stake in promoting homosexual relationships and therefore should not bestow any benefits to those who choose to be in same sex relationships. Society should not prevent them from being in same sex relationships, society should not prevent them from having wedding ceremonies. I love the members of my family that are gay, my friends who are gay will always be my friends. We don’t encourage people to be blind, we don’t encourage people to be deaf, we don’t encourage people to have OCD or any other phobia. Homosexuals sexual orientation is defective and we should not act as if they are perfectly normal like left handed people.

    March 29, 2013 at 8:58 pm

  2. I’m glad we don’t let infertile or elderly couples marry, since they cannot fulfill their “biological imperative.” Wouldn’t it just be dreadful if infertile couples married? They’re “broken” (WTF?) anyway.

    We have separation of church and state (that is, ANY religious doctrine from legal matters) (although this is increasingly becoming grayer and grayer) — so what Conservative defines as a sin is ultimately irrelevant. Sin is irrelevant to lawmaking. The question becomes: does it harm anyone else? Is it harmful to the individuals in question? Is it obscene, lewd, or pornographic? No to all three.

    Part of the benefits of being married are financial. There exist major tax breaks for those that are married — and these should be extended to any two adult, consenting persons who agree in a legal contract with the state that they intend to stay together as a household. Not to mention benefits that Liberal expressed, such as hospital visitation (this cannot be written in a contract, as the visitor is not legally “family”) and next-of-kin/inheritance benefits (some may be written in a will, but could be challenged by legal family members).

    As far as Liberal goes, I’m extremely disappointed to see the dominant/submissive crap. Why does one partner in a relationship — any relationship, hetero- or homosexual — need a dominant person? A person to be “stronger” to the “weaker” counterpart? I’m a self-supporting, endurance running, tough-as-nails princess. Where do I fit? Should I look for a dominant man? What kind of psycho-dominance would that look like (and why don’t I want a dominant or submissive partner, but an equal, a complement)? Too anecdotal? Let’s put it this way: we all have strong suits, and ideally, I think the sane bunch tries to find someone who both complements them in their weaknesses and strengths and someone who is similar in interests and ideals. That doesn’t spell an automatic formula for dom/sub relationships, in any gender combination.

    I usually quite enjoy this blog, but I was facepalming my way through both sides of it this time.

    PS: Unless women (and men) tip the performers, they don’t belong in strip clubs. Couples don’t belong there if it causes a fight, or if one party refuses to let the other tip the performers. In the US, strippers are mostly independent contractors who work for tips and their portion of private dance fees, and it’s inappropriate to use the strip club to experiment with sexuality IF the patrons (of either sex) are not tipping (which is often the case with women, but not always).

    March 30, 2013 at 8:02 am

    • Don’t know why you keep calling me a conservative. Anyway, marriage has nothing to do with children. The purpose of marriage is security and protection. Sex is how sexual people procreate. That is the primary purpose of sex. The side benefit is pleasure. Infertile couples are fulfilling their biological purpose, although nothing will be produced from their mating. Male/Male sex is still considered high risk, so when you ask if they are hurting anyone, ask the 1,178,350 adults and children who have HIV if high risk sex is hurting anyone. As far a female/female sex, all they are doing is licking each other and sticking each other with plastic, not much more than mutual masturbation so they are not hurting anyone. As far as tax benefits, married people have to pay higher when their income reaches $450,000 ($225,000 a piece) single people start paying higher taxes at $400,000. So if two people live together and combine their income at $399,999 ($1,599,996 total) they will a lower tax rate than the married couple. For social security, single people living together get more money than a married couple. Most people don’t pay inheritance taxes so the tax benefits are dubious. Hospital visits can be written in a contract, you can make anyone you wish you health proxy. You can give medical power of attorney to anyone you wish. Any will or contract can be challenged, but if the person is of sound mind and the contract is legal and binding the family will not win. Everyone should live the way they want (within reason) but I should not have to pay for the way people want to live. Married people should not have anymore rights or benefits than single people. Single people should not be favored in the tax law. Inheritance taxes should not be based on whether you are married or single. Insurance companies and medical facilities should not tell anyone who they consider to be family and the government should not be promoting unhealthy activities ( high risk sex).

      April 19, 2013 at 1:02 pm

      • What people do in their bedrooms as consenting adults is still none of your business.

        Plenty of heterosexual adults participate in high risk sexual activities — but public education is the answer to that, not law. I’m not sure why you brought up children with HIV; most contracted it from their biological mother (in a heterosexual act producing the child).

        You can think gay sex is “icky” all you want — but it doesn’t make it right to forbid others to participate in it as consenting adults.

        April 19, 2013 at 6:58 pm

    • Thank you for your response. I really enjoy your opinion… follow me ar memoirofsapphire…. and like my page at https://www.facebook.com/MemoiresOfSapphire

      April 20, 2013 at 6:12 pm

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