Our Life is What Our Thoughts Make It!!! ~Marcus Aurelius~

400 years later, we still flee from religious persecution.

A person’s sexual orientation is none of my business.

We cannot continue to condemn people by our own confinements and conformities that we were taught to us and handed down by a particular moral code. Especially, when every individual doesn’t agree or believe in that morality. At one time interracial relations were unheard of and punishable by death and not just by the intermixing of blacks and whites.

This country, no matter how fucked up it may be, was build off the principle to escape of religious persecution, confinement and conformity but 400 year later we are still persecuting, demanding confinement and only accepting those that give in to conformity .

If two people are lucky enough to have found one another, fall in love and make a commitment to on another then they should have the right to marry one another and have the benefits as any other married couples whether they are GAY or not.

Think about it like this, how many single people out there don’t have mates, don’t have someone to love and don’t have anyone committing to them professing their love…

We as woman have a responsibility to support gay marriage. For, once it was illegal to read, vote and prosecute a man against rape.

This is not just a moral issue but a constitutional issue. A right as a human being.

Correct your own life. Don’t judge someone else’s!!!

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