Our Life is What Our Thoughts Make It!!! ~Marcus Aurelius~

Do you know someone who needs some D$@K?

This isn’t the first time that this has happened to me but now, I recognize it the signs.

Do you have a friend or loved one that constantly nags you? The demand that you take care of things for them. They keep saying things like, “Oh, gosh, I really need to do this right in front of you but never completes the job. A manipulation ploy for you to interject and do the things that they can clearly do themselves.

Do they nag and nag until they get pissed off because you are not doing what they wan you to do and do they try to control the entire situation?

Do they tend t claim the victim? When really they want a situation to change mostly because they are selfish? ex: talk to you with a stuffy nose and in a split second talk to you regular. When you point it out they return t the stuffynose to try to get what they want..

Well I have the answer for you… agree..and make them think that it’s your own idea.
“You know what, that does need to be done, when I get the time, the money.. blah blah blah…” You do sound awful.. take some aspirin that will clear that right up..you’re right you need to call a professional, they will help you.

Why you may ask go through this instead of being blunt?

Because I’m NOT YOUR MAN!!!

Can you imagine me in the garden pulling some f&cking weeds? Do I look like I’m going to buy you something expensive. Do I care if you are sick. I have to take care of the world when I’m sick, you can too… what I’m saying is that I am not your handyman, gardener, tow truck, drug dealer, psychologist, personal shopper, maid or butler. I’m not your chef, your lover or a paid professional.

You need some D$@K… someone who wants to help you with all these things and finds pleasure of you being a nagging needy wench.. if you haven’t heard… I’m Independent!!!


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