Our Life is What Our Thoughts Make It!!! ~Marcus Aurelius~

Face to face with my 20 yr old younger self.

Today, I went pass my old apartment. It was $238/mo. I remember when I changed to a two bedroom of $385 a month.

I remember how sad I was being alone in this city. I remember for the first time I fell in love. i remember being broke and going from job to job. My friends grabbed furniture from people who were thrown out and I stole cable. i didn’t know how to cook. I thought the smoked turkey in greens came from the deli department. I didn’t even have a degree. I wonder what kind of woman I would be.

I look at this apartment and I think, if I could go back to myself, what would I say?

I wouldn’t tell myself that the dude your with right now is straight garbage and cut him loose. I wouldn’t tell her that she earns two degrees and speaks four languages. I wouldn’t tell her that she becomes a publish model and writes a series of books. I wouldn’t tell her that she motivates so many with her wisdom. I wouldn’t tell her that she drive $100, 000 Porsche, her man is Cuban and he drives one too. I wouldn’t tell he that almost all her dreams come true.

I would tell her that the ups and down in her life are merely a test of strength. People come in our lives to teach us something, make us appreciate something or diminish things that should no longer be in our lives. This you should never sabotage. never let the past affect your judgement and give people a second chance. We all make mistakes. i would tell her to take a chance, love more, laugh and mot all have fun. Then I would tell her a big recession is coming up so save.

Then I would tell her, don’t worry about a thing. That her values is what she becomes. Stay true to Honor, Integrity and Respect.

To my future self, I wrote a letter that reminds me where am today. that my mind frame sees her in great things. Don’t give UP…. this is the key… Please DON’T GIVE UP…. I say to my future me….

What would you say to your past self as well to your future on… think more than material things.


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