Our Life is What Our Thoughts Make It!!! ~Marcus Aurelius~

“Is there such a thing as a “Spinster” or “Old Maid” in Today’s society?

I’m 41 yrs old. I have never been married and I haven’t any kids. Why is it that I am automatically called a spinster?

I was brought up to belive that this type of woman is someone who hasn’t anyone in their life, doesn’t date and is no longer interested. I don’t know many woman like this. Many woman are career woman this doesn’t make them not want relationships. It just means that they want to be financially stable because in today’s society no woman can fully depend on a man.

Also, woman’s taste are changing. Since a woman can hold her on, she doesn’t just accept any man. Money isn’t the only attractive statuses. Men want women to be at their best even if they are at their worst. Women want a man in their forties to jog around the block, eat healthy and take pride in how they look to her.

Most of us are no longer insecure about the younger woman because in looks and intelligence we are kicking her ass. We can throw down in sex, be articulate in a conversation and cook a roast. But it seems that some men are still reluctant to date a 40-year-old woman. They feel that they have been beaten up and bruised.. This may be true but all it takes is one man to treat her like a woman and again she will start acting like she is twenty-two.

Point being the only beings that think we are old maids or spinsters are the ones who are not mature enough to approach us. I’m 118 lbs. 34 D and look 24 years old… I don’t approach men anymore. I let them stare and go home alone.


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